I am a freelance translator translating from English into French and from French into English, from literary texts to technical texts, specialized in Arts and cultural texts.

Translation is a lot more complex than most people perceives it. Rather than a process taking a text in language A and turning it into language B, it is also a communication process between individuals that grasps the connotations, sub-meanings, and references within the source text and attempt to render it in the most adapted way for the target audience into the target text.

Why not using Machine Translation ?

Translation is part of communication between human individuals reaching out to each other regardless of their language differences. When individuals are trying to communicate with each other but do not have the same language it can be harder to express one’s thoughts and ideas. It is in that moment that translation operates and as much as communication is a delicate process translation is extremely delicate as it can convey your ideas and ensure that you will be fully understood but there is always a risk of not being completely understood and lead to delicate situations. The more we rely on humans for communication, the more natural and the easier the communication will be.


The Prices depends very much on the content of the translation and the difficulties present in the source text that clients will bring. You can contact me and send a sample of the text and ask for a quote if you go to the “Contact” tab after what we can discuss a reasonable price together.

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